Dry Docks and Specifications

CADDELL DRY DOCK AND REPAIR CO., INC accommodates a wide variety of vessels on its seven dry docks. The Caddell facility is one of the largest full service shipyards in the New York Metropolitan Area.

Dry Dock No. 1

Overall Length 420 feet
Inside Width 100 feet
Capacity 7500 tons

Dry Dock No. 2

Overall Length 220 feet
Inside Width 68 feet
Capacity 2000 tons

Dry Dock No. 4

Overall Length 200 feet
Inside Width 48 feet
Capacity 1200 tons

Dry Dock No. 5

John T. Devlin
Overall Length 310 feet
Inside Width 80 feet
Capacity 3500 tons

Dry Dock No. 6

Overall Length 300 feet
Inside Width 85 feet
Capacity 4500 tons

Dry Dock No. 7

Overall Length 176 feet
Inside Width 58 feet
Capacity 1800 tons

Dry Dock No. 8

Jill A. Caddell
Overall Length 255 feet
Inside Width 68 feet
Capacity 2700 tons